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Korean Dried Pollack, HwangTae Stew Cube, 88g (11gx8ea), 8 Servings, Korean Instant Food HMR, Soup, Healthy Food, K-Food

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  • You can feel the original taste when Hwangtae soup is freeze-dried and made into blocks and poured with hot water.
  • Anytime, Anywhere: As long as there is hot water, you can enjoy delicious HwangTae soup indoors and outdoors. Housewarming, special day, for friends, parents, camping trip, barbecue party, individually wrapped cooking is possible for one person.
  • Anyone: You can enjoy Korean traditional health food,
  • Cook:: 1 Boiling water 200(7oz)-350ml(11oz) and pour 1pack, eat after 3Min,

           2 water 200(7oz)-350ml(11oz) in a kettle and when it starts to boil

    , pour 1pack and more 1 Min boiling

    1. Micro-Wave: for micro-wave bowl/ Boiling water 200(7oz)-350ml (11oz) in a bowl /

     700W: 1-2Min / 1000W: 45sec-1min30sec.

이렇게 드세요. 1.(컵라면 처럼) 끓인물 200-350ml와 황태 1 펙을 컵이나 보울에 넣고 3분정도 기다렸다 드세요. 2. 냄비에 물 200-350ml을 붓고 끓기 시작하면 제품 1개를 넣고 1분간 끓여 주세요. 3. 전자렌지: 전자렌지 용기에 뜨거운물 200-350ml를 넣고 700W - 1-2분, 1000W 45초- 1분30초 조리해서 드세요.

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