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Korean Kfood Low Calorie Healthy Diet Food Dried seaweed Soup 80g ( 10g x 8 Pack ) – with Dried Pollack 황태미역국

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    • [Seaweed soup(미역국) using fresh water seaweed for diet food The taste that was eaten as a child is prepared as it is.
    • It is fresher and more delicious using water s collected from the seaweed.
    • It is individually packaged in a hygienic and convenient, and safely by wrapping it once more in an outer box.
    • [Adding ingredients according to your preference to make it more delicious] Various ingredients such as dried Pollack, brewed soy sauce, Dextrin, anchovy sauce, Garlic, L-sodium Glutamate, Yeast extract, Lotus root powder, Miso, Dried radish green, Pepper powder, green onion, red pepper are more delicious.
    • [Special manufacture processing method] We provide the best products to customers through the highest quality raw materials.


이렇게 드세요. 1.(컵라면 처럼) 끓인물 200-350ml와  1 펙을 컵이나 보울에 넣고 3분정도 기다렸다 드세요. 2. 냄비에 물 200-350ml을 붓고 끓기 시작하면 제품 1개를 넣고 1분간 끓여 주세요. 3. 전자렌지: 전자렌지 용기에 뜨거운물 200-350ml를 넣고 700W - 1-2분, 1000W 45초- 1분30초 조리해서 드세요.

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