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KOREAN Premium Red Chili Pepper Powder 1000g 한국산 100% 고춧가루 ( YECHEONGOCHU) 예천고추 1KG( 2.2LB)

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  • Hot pepper, Hot pepper powder
  • It is a sanitary product thorough warehousing inspection (bacteria inspection, foreign substance inspection, residual pesticides inspection) and cleaning process. It is dried with a moisture content of 15% or less, making it safer and more delicious to eat. It is a 100% premium domestic red pepper powder that tastes much sweeter than other countries' red pepper powder and maintains its taste for a long time. Please keep the refrigerator after opening. * It is dried with less than 15% water content. * It's a 100% Korean product that's sweet and lasts for a long time. * Adding an appropriate amount of kimchi and tteokbokki, adds flavor.
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