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Korean Roasted Long SQUID 30g x 6pack 1 order 롱 오징어

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Korean squid is baked once more to enhance the chewy texture. Smoked and dried squid with seasoning is enjoyed as a side dish for alcohol in Asia and is used as a snack for children who want non-sweet snacks. It was compressed and baked for a soft texture.

Good for Snack and Appetizer
Only the premium quality squid is used
Easily enjoy each handful of perfectly roasted squid



오징어를 부드러운 식감을 위해 압축히여 구웠습니다. 훈제건조 오징어는 술안주로 즐겨 먹으며 달지 않아 아이들에게도 간식으로 좋습니다.
* 술안주나 간식
* 압축하고 구워서 부드러운 식감
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