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  • Mugwort juice 쑥음료
  • Mugwort juice 강화 청정쑥
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Mugwort juice drink Juice, 2.8 oz per Pack, 25 Packs 청정쑥 진액

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The mugwort extract juice grew by the sea breeze of Baengnyeongdo, a clean area in Korea. The mugwort Juice is a vegetable. It is made of carefully selected. It is recommended for people with bronchitis or fatigue.


* Healthy drink extracted from organic mugwort.

* Add herbal ingredients to increase the effect.

* Produced in Korea's pollution-free Baengnyeong Island.


"Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris L.) is a plant related to ragweed used as a food flavor and for herbal medicine. It is thought to boost energy, calm nerves, support digestion, relieve itching and pain, and promote regular periods, among other things." From GOOGLE

청정지역 백령도 지방에서 재배된 쑥은 오래전부터 중요한 약초로 사용되어 왔습니다. 청정쑥 진액은 엄선된 원료로 만들었으며, 설탕이나 색소가 들어가지 않은 자연식품입니다. 기관지염 혹은 손 발이 차가우신분이나 만성피로가 있으신분들께 권장합니다.

* 백령도산 쑥 사용

* 무설탕 무색소

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