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Potato Flour (1.76 lb) Gluten Free Flour, Ultra Fine Grind, Fantastic Flour for Baking, Thicken Soups & Sauces, Improve Bread Texture and Crumb, All-Natural

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  • ACHIEVE A MOIST TEXTURE AND CRUMB WITH POTATO FLOUR: Potato flour is a baker's best-kept secret for the best baked goods and breads. Due to its ability to attract and retain moisture, it can help lend an light texture, moist crumb, and a longer shelf life in breads and baked goods. It also can increase dough handleability. Just a tablespoon or two can do the trick. Give it a whirl in your next batch of dinner rolls, pancakes, or buns and wait to be wowed. EASILY THICKEN GLUTEN-FREE SOUPS, SAUCES, AND STEWS: Potato flour is our go-to for an all-natural, gluten-free thickener. From your favorite soups, sauces, or stews, snag a pouch of potato flour to be able to quickly achieve the rich thickness that you're seeking. GIVE GREAT TEXTURE TO YOUR GLUTEN-FREE BREADS AND BAKED GOODS: Want to bake gluten-free breads that you wouldn't know were gluten free? Texture is one of the toughest troubles in doing so. Lucky for you, potato flour, in all of its gluten-free glory, is often the tried-and-true trick to achieving a tasty texture in your gluten-free bread loaves. ENJOY A SUPER-FINE GRIND OF FLOUR: While other potato flours are coarse and crumbly, Modern Mountain potato flour is an extremely super fine grind of flour. This allows you to smoothly and swiftly mix it into doughs, batter, soups, and sauces. However, please note that potato flour is not a 1:1 replacement for standard all-purpose or whole wheat flours.
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