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  • anchovy fish sauce 멸치액젓
  • anchovy fish sauce 한국 멸치 액젓
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Salted anchovy fish Sauce 27.4oz 멸치 액젓

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The salted Anchovy fish sauce is a sauce made by aging Anchovy in salt for a long time and filtering out only pure fish sauce, and the salted Anchovy adds a deeper taste and flavor than salt and soy sauce. When making kimchi, it's essential for traditional Korean and Asian dishes that cook stew or soup.


* Anchovy fish sauce is essential for making kimchi, stew, or soup.

* No additives or flavor enhancers.

* In addition to traditional Korean and Asian dishes, the flavor is added.


멸치 액젓은 멸치를 소금에 오랜기간 숙성하여 순수 액젓만을 걸러 만든 고급 소스로서, 멸치 액젓은 소금과 간장에 비해 더 깊은 맛과 풍미를 더하여 줍니다. 주로 김치를 담글 때, 찌개 혹은 국을 요리하는 한국과 아시아 전통 요리에 필수적입니다

* 김치/찌개/국 요리에 넣으면 감칠맛을 더하여 줍니다

* 무방부제, 무색소

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