• Nutritious Snack that you can enjoy with everyone! Gluten


    Natural and Delicious
    Low Fat
    No Cholesterol
    No Sodium
    Gluten Free, Vegan/collections/snack

  • Donggangmaru Honey Gochujang Pasteis grown from South Korea. The peppers that give them their spice. Traditionally, Gochujang is used in marinades forKorean barbecue, Bibimbap, tteokbokkirecipe added to dipping sauces, or used to kick up the spice in home-style stews or soups.


    Manufactured using high-quality traditional Korean methods.
    Using the highest quality ingredients, the taste is outstanding.
    Manufactured modern by high level inspection facilities and managed by top chefsGochujang/ Soy Bean Taste/ Salted Fish / Fish Sauce

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