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  •  korea mixed coffee 모카 골드 커피
  • mixed coffee, 모카커피
  • korea mixed coffee 모카 골드 커피
  • korea instant coffee 믹스커피
  • korea mixed coffee 믹스커피
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KOREA Cafe Feliz Mocha Gold Instant Coffee Mix, 0.42oz(12g) per Stick, 100 Sticks

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The taste of Mocha Gold Coffee Mix, Korea's representative coffee, is the best in the world. The mocha gold coffee is made to the golden ratio of coffee, prima, and sugar.

How to make it.

1. Put one stick of mixed coffee in a cup, pour 100ml of hot water, dissolve it and drink it.


* High-quality instant coffee
* Korean style instant coffee
* Simple to enjoy while outdoors.
* Great for gifts to friends


한국을 대표하는 인스턴트 커피음료입니다. 커피와 분말우유 설탕이 적절비율에 맞춰 모두 담겨 있습니다.


커피믹스 한포를 뜨거운물 100ml에 넣고 잘저으셔서 드시기 바랍니다.

* 인스턴트 커피

* 커피 우유 설텅 한포에 모두 들어있음