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Pear Citron Juice [ 30 Pouches ] Ready to Drink, ON-THE-GO Adult, Kids Healthy Juice, Beverage Rich in Vitamin C

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100% (Pear 97%, Citron 4%) fruit juice made in the company's own factory in KOREA.

No preservatives, no coloring, no pesticide residues, superb aroma, and freshly squeezed taste and flavor.

It is perfect for Korean and Western cuisine...
It is also recommended for drinks by mixing with carbonated drinks.


■Ingredients: Citron 4%, Pear 96% (Korean)
■Storage method: Store at room temperature away from high temperatures and direct sunlight (unopened)


 *Cooling is required


* Easy to carry (disposable packaging)


유자와 배를 섞어 달콤하게 만든 건강 주스입니다. 일회용 포장이라 휴대가 간편합니다.


* 유자 4% 배즙 96%

* 간편한 일회용 포장

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