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Purple Onion Juice Squeezed by Farmer, 3.4oz per Pack, 30 Packs 자색양파즙

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Purple onions are a staple in many of our foods and cuisines and they’re packed with health benefits. Used in a variety of ways, onions are everywhere. Increasing your health through eating them, Red Onion Juice makes it easier to now consume them. Packaged in a pouch, drink straight from the pouch, or pour into your cup to enjoy slowly.


* Packaged in a pouch

* Healthy and Convenient Juice

* Gift box packaging.


자색 양파는 음식 재료로 많이 사용되며 몸에 좋은 건강 야채입니다. 자색 양파즙은 언제 어디서나 간편하게 휴대할 수 있는 파우치 포장이며 선물용으로 좋습니다.

* 건강에 좋은 주스

* 간편한 휴대 포장

* 선물용 박스 포장

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