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  • croaker fish sauce 황석어 진젓
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Fermented croaker fish sauce 27.4oz 황석어 진젓

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Fermented croaker fish sauce has been fermented by boiling croaker fish and salt for a long time and has a deep taste and flavor unique to Croaker. Especially, it doesn't smell bad or bitter because it uses sea salt.


* Croaker fish is excellent in taste and flavor.

* It is essential for making kimchi, stew, and soup.

* No additives or flavor enhancers.

*Adding traditional Korean and Asian foods adds flavor.


황석어 진젓은 황석어와 소금을 오랫동안 끓인 후 발효 과장을 거쳤으며, 황석어 특유의 깊은 맛과 풍미가 살아있습니다 특히 천일염을 사용하여 잡내와 쓴 맛이 없습니다.

* 김치/찌개/국 요리에 넣으면 감칠맛을 더하여 줍니다

* 무방부제, 무색소