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  • Pear Juice 배 쥬스
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Ttadam Pure Pear Juice, 100 ml per Pack, 30 Pack per Box 순수 배즙, 순수배 쥬스

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Refreshing and healthy juice made with 100% fruits, these juice pouches are as close to nature as you can get! Enjoy the delicious and natural taste of fruits in a pouch. Grown with sincere hard work and handpicked by patient farmers, you know you can love and enjoy these juices as much as they enjoyed caring for them. This is an easy on-to-go juice to bring around in your purse, backpack, or child’s lunchbox. It is an easy, delicious, and conveniently packed juice to be enjoyed by all. Drink with joy with your family and stay healthy!


* Natural Pear Juice
* No Preservative, No Cholesterol, No Trans Fat
* Great for School Lunches, Easy and Convenient to Carry
* Resealable Cap, Perfect Serving Size



순수배 즙( 쥬스 )은 과일 자연의 맛을 파우치에 담았습니다. 농부들이 직접 손으로 만든 이 즙( 쥬스 )은 정성을 다해 만들었으며 휴대하기 쉽고 맛있으며 편리하게 포장됐습니다
* 무 방부제 , 무 콜레스테롤, 무 지방
* 적당한 사이즈
* 휴대하기 편리한 포장